To Express

It takes guts to be self and to be independent truth to own heart. Being open to express true feeling is the first step an healthy effective way to communicate to others and outside world. Sometimes we excess not necessary for solutions from others but human being basic needs for a happy healthy mind.


To Inspire

Good thing has meaning. I am happier if I can make other's happier by helping people discover themselves and maybe helping them solve their (life or work) problems. Through many year's observation by talking to many people my clients my friends people I know or strangers I discovered this: It takes no purpose no work related activities to produce purposed work happily and more efficiently.  Because when we feel happy we produce more. This is the ignored simple secret to our happiness! 


To Live

To be specific, to live a life with meaning, to live with purpose, to live with happiness! Live a life with creative power. When we can do things we like as a “JOB” we want to “work” till we die. Through The purpose of art we discover the purpose of Life!

Art is Inspiring!