Leslie, San Francisco bay area artist, started her art journey during childhood time with strong interests in drawing. She had studied art and design majoring in Fashion Design in Shanghai in late 1990s.

She had worked as digital artists in her earlier creative career. She has been painting whenever she has time. She loves to draw people, figure and fashion theme in watercolor, ink, eastern paint, acrylic, gouache water-based art medium. She is also open to explore different medium and art forms.


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Influenced by traditional eastern brush painting in her young age, her art was influenced by both western and eastern art technique and culture.  Her artwork and projects are displayed at Blackhawk Gallery, Bishop Ranch City Center and a few local businesses. She is a member of ADAS (Alamo Danville Aritst Society). 

Her passion is to

 - help people stay creative and motivated to feel the beauty of our lives via art experiences

 - help businesses grow via innovative design

Art is inspiring! Thank you for visiting!