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This is a great project our ADAS suport the local high schools to help oversea children facing challenges!  To learn more click here

" It is a wonderful cause, and an example of how our Art programs are reaching beyond our classroom walls, beyond our local community and working to make a global (and human) impact. "  - from our Memory Project Art Teachers

"这是一个很好的事情,也是我们的艺术课程超越我们的课堂,超越当地社区去实现影響全球(和人类)的一个例子。“ - 記憶項目藝術指導老師們



詳情請點這裏。 如果你是獨立藝術家,也可以參加此活動。

2019 Cal high and Doughtery Valley high are doing this project for this year!

Letter from both art teachers ( Ms. Leanne Tangney’s class at Cal High, and Mrs. Kelsey Wenge at Dougherty Valley High). Thank you so much!

2019 年此次項目由Cal high 和 Doughtery Valley high 來完成。請看來自兩個高中美術老師 Ms. Leanne Tangney ( Cal High)和Mrs. Kelsey Wenge (Dougherty Valley High)的來信匯報。非常感謝!


In the spirit of Youth Art Month, we would like to share a current project our Visual Arts students are working on, thanks to the generous sponsoring of The Alamo Danville Artists Society  (ADAS).

Over the last couple years, DVHS & CHS Art students have teamed up to participate in a unit called “The Memory Project”   


 About the Memory Project:

The Memory Project is a charitable nonprofit organization that invites art teachers, art students, and solo artists to help cultivate global kindness by creating portraits for children around the world who have faced substantial challenges, such as violence, war, extreme poverty, neglect, and loss of parents. Our participants create these portraits to help children feel valued and important, to know that many people care about their well-being, and to provide a special childhood memory in the future. Since 2004 we have created more than 130,000 portraits for children in 47 countries.





記憶項目為非盈利組織,他們邀請各校美術老師學生和獨立藝術家來通過幫助全球有困難的小孩畫一副他們的肖像,來培養國際關愛。這些收到幫助的小孩子們有的住在難民營,有的失去家庭,還有的經歷極具困難,比如暴力,貧困等。他們有個共同點就是他們正在經歷或者克服困難, 他們的勇氣和毅力讓人感動和鼓舞。此項目讓這些小孩感到關愛,讓他們覺得自己有價值,也很重要,很多人會關心他們,并為他們留下一個美好的童年回憶。為他們畫肖像是我們用藝術的方式來表達我們對他們勇氣的支持和認同。我們特別為那些對美國對持的國家小孩畫肖像來傳播我們的博愛和和平。自2004年以來,我們已經為47個國家的兒童創作了130,000多幅肖像畫。

About the children:


“Each year we partner with different charities around the world to create portrait for new children, and every child who receives a portrait has a different story. Some live in refugee camps, others have lost their families, and others live in severe poverty. The one thing all children in our program have in common is that they are either facing or overcoming very difficult challenges, and they inspire us with their courage and resilience. Creating portraits for them is our artistic way of showing support and honoring their strength. We also place a special emphasis on creating portraits for children in countries that have tension with the United States as a way of extending our hand in peace.”


CHS and DVHS receive generous funding through ADAS, the Alamo Danville Artist’s Society.  Each year, we receive a packet of photographs from children around the world, and our student artists create magnificent gifts of kindness through their Art.  Last year 2017-2018, we produced for children in Haiti.  Here is a video of the children receiving their portraits.  Our students learn about the country these children come from.  They study the history and hardships these children are facing prior to starting the portraits.  Not only are our artists working on their technical skill of portraiture, but they are also learning immeasurable skills of empathy and kindness.  The kids feel proud to make these portraits, any several of our students have gone on to continue making portraits through this organization out of their own volition. 


Leanne Tangney, our visual arts teacher at CHS does a wonderful job coordinating this collaborative opportunity for our two sites.  Her class just completed 25 of the portraits for this year (18-19), a few of which were on display at the Student Recognition Open House. DVHS is just starting the unit, here on the 1st day of 4th quarter; and in total, these will go out to the 50 recipients in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  In addition to the portrait, a photograph of our student holding the portrait is sent, along with a hand written letter in the child’s native language.  (We work to translate the best we can).  The videos showing the children opening the portraits is truly remarkable.  It is a wonderful cause, and an example of how our Art programs are reaching beyond our classroom walls, beyond our local community and working to make a global (and human) impact.  I hope you enjoy, and feel free to share.  It’s a feel good moment. 

我们在CHS的视觉艺术老师Leanne Tangney为我们的两个网站协调这个合作机会做了很好的工作。她的班级刚刚完成了今年(18-19)的25幅肖像画,其中一些會在学生頒獎日公開展出。 DVHS刚刚在第四季度的第一天开始這個項目; 这些将发给阿富汗和巴基斯坦的共50名受助人。除了肖像,还会发送一张我们学生手持肖像的照片,以及一封用孩子母语写的手写信。 (我们尽力翻译)。孩子们打开肖像的视频真的非常了不起。这是一个很好的事情,也是我们的艺术课程超越我们的课堂,超越当地社区并努力实现影響全球(和人类)的一个例子。我希望你喜欢,并随意分享。这是一个美好的时刻。

CHS和DVHS通过阿拉莫丹维尔艺术家协会ADAS获得慷慨资助。每年,我们都会收到来自世界各地儿童的照片,我们的学生艺术家通过他们的艺术创造出美好的礼物。去年2017 - 2018年,我们为海地儿童制作。这是一个孩子们收到肖像的视频。我们的学生了解这些孩子来自哪个国家。他们研究了这些孩子在开始肖像画之前所面临的历史和艰辛。我们的艺术家不仅致力于他们的肖像画技术,而且他们也在学习不可估量的同理心和善良。孩子们为制作这些肖像感到自豪,我们的几个学生已经继续按照自己的意愿通过这个组织进行肖像画。  

Leanne’s class at Cal, and my class here at Dougherty are completing the projects for this year: 50 portraits in total.  We are working with children from both Pakistan and Afghanistan; 25 children from each country, with children ranging in ages from young primary grades (age 8) through 18 year olds, both male and female. 

I shared these two “Inspiration for Portraits,” videos with my students:

Leanne在Cal的班级和我在Dougherty的班级正在完成今年的项目:总共50幅肖像。我们正与巴基斯坦和阿富汗的儿童一起工作;来自每个国家的25名儿童,其子女的年龄从小学年龄(8岁)到18岁,男女不等。 我和我的学生分享了这两个“肖像灵感”的视频:



ADAS 2019 memory project

 Pictures of this article are provided by Cal high and Doughtery Valley high 

I hope to secure a venue next year through either the city of Danville or San Ramon, for these portraits to be on display to the public before being mailed oversees. 

If you would like to help our school and this project please click here

我希望明年能通ADAS获得一个機會,以便在邮寄海外之前向公众展示这些肖像。 如果您想帮助我们的学校和这个项目,请点击这里


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