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Art Demo


Chinese Ink On Canvas | Art Demo


I am very excited to announce that I've just launched my first "formal"  youtube art channel. I've been researched it for a while, and finally, I give up the idea of being perfect and just did it. Actually it will never be perfect to be ready because every day I feel I have so many things I don't know. And I might need other equipment or another skill to be there. Any way, here it is.  And it was just created using my phone and a simple editor called "Inshot". 

And here is the content:

Welcome to my channel! A place where we share info and thoughts on art, culture and stay creative for a better life. This video I will share my process to apply Chinese ink (dry ink 墨 “mo"/ inkstone 硯 "yan") with acrylic paint to create a "watercolor" style on canvas. This painting featured a girl with a yoga pose. Enjoy a peaceful moment during this pandemic period.

Time Content
0:16 Material Intro
1:20 Chinese dry ink (calligraphy ink) and inkstone
3:04 Art Demo
10:58 Ending

I'd love to hear your feedback. Feel free to leave your comments. What's one of your obstacles in learning painting? or art in general?

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