Gaze – A Portrait in Watercolor

1 minute art Art Demo

Female Portrait watercolor art video


Today I would like to share with you the process of creating this portrait art in watercolor.

After in the gallery for a while creating “commercial art”, I feel like to paint a portrait with deep emotion and some exploration of skills. In my opinion, any subject has two sides, the science and the art side. 

The Science of Art,  mainly, it is the technical side, the art skills, how to paint, what kind of materials we use, the color theory, the lighting, the values, the dimensions (for landscape art) for an example; And the Art of Art include the emotion side, the purpose, why we paint, the background, the story behind, the art and the style or the spirit behind and more.

My belief of good art has a meaning, a deep connection of our human beings, it should be a good balance between the science and art of art, both the technical and the emotional sides. It takes a lot of practice and also needs to overcome the fear of failures in order to explore new things to grow. And I would like to share it with you.

Here is the process of the steps. Please refer to the video.

 00:00 Intro

 00:40 Draft and outline

 00:45 Base tone

 00:50 First impression

 01:00 Shaping

 01:05 Details

 01:16 Final touch

 01:29 Finished

Please note there is no specific way to create your art. It’s all about practice and find your own preferences So if you draw differently don’t worry 😊 


The Story Behind:

 01:07 Around this time, after I worked this painting for a while (on and off for 1-2 days including planning) and worked on details, I didn’t think it is good enough and I just want to start over again from scratch. I was frustrating, mainly I want to express something but I cannot reach it. However, in life I learned one thing, we cannot make rash decisions when frustrating, so I decided to take a shower. And after a 15-minute magic shower, things changed.  I was able to find a few spots to touch up to add a contract to this painting to the emotional expression I want. I want to keep the impression when people first look at. The tip of today is if you feel sucked in painting, take a short break and you will come back with fresh air 😊

 Other than commission art, most of my paintings were created by either imagination or limited guidance, maybe reference from the photo at the very beginning, most of the time I always finished with the virtual image in my mind. Because it allows my “freedom” to grow however at the same time, more “risk” to take. It is kind of like life, there is no true freedom, it only comes dripline, in art, it is more practice and gets used to the “frustrating” time to grow our creativity.

 Hope you enjoy it. And feel free to let me know your art experience of trying something new, your feeling. What’s the purpose of your art?


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