Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration in Shanghai 


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Shanghai Afternoon 1996With excitements, on the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year in February, 2019, I returned to ​my hometown Shanghai. The big city has become extraordinarily quiet and the streets are empty. Most working people left big city and back to their grew up towns during this two weeks biggest holiday season in China.  According to the tradition, this year is the Year of the Pig, pig-themed designs are popular everywhere. The Chinese New Year is like the Thanksgiving Day in US, time for family reunion.

French sycamore tree, red color building, Jass music, QiBao dress, 1920 style and east-west fusion Fashion are classical symbols of Shanghai. The Shanghai Art Museum was one of my favorite spare time hobbies back to my teens and early 20s. Shanghai is stylish and artistic.  I had an opportunity visited a good friend's fashion and art studio during last visit and watched the nature plant blue dyed fabric art technique. And this time I learned an all nature lipstick from the studio. We love nature organic concept fashion and art! And in Shanghai you can always find something new and trendy. 

The Year of Pig Watercolor Shanghai is dynamic. This winter I've also visited one of newly built mall called "Aegean Sea".  The beautiful music fountain reminded me of Bellagio fountain in Vegas. It is very impressive! There are quite a few small art studios, art corners in book stores or fashion stores. Modern shopping center mall become a multi-functional place for social events, including dinging, movies, seminars, bookstores and more.



One more observation is tech in life. China become cash-free country. A lot of restaurants have barcode on the tables and people place orders and pay over the phones. I've visited a newly built large super market where groceries were ordered and packed automatically without human. The world is changing.

As artists, how tech can help us? Ten days passed so quickly, and I look forward seeing you again, Shanghai!

 Artwork: Shanghai Afternoon 1996 (top),  Celebrate Lunar New Year 2019(middle) by Leslie Ouyang and Shanghai Cityscape 2018 by A. L.

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