2020 / 2021 Fall & Winter Color Trend (Comic Version)


 This week we entered September and beautiful fall is coming. we feel weather change and also the colors will change as well. Based on Pantone Color Institute Report and New York Fashion Week Runaway, Autumn and Winter offer a rich narrative color palette representing versatile yet timeless concept, a 'less is more” mindset. More info can also be found at my article I will share link below.

Before we dig deeper I would like share my inspiration. I found a very cool Japanese comic book called A Manga Guide to Western Typeface (漫畫歐文字體的世界) first published in Japan by Ashiya Kuniichi. The artist assigned one character to one of the most commonly used 25 fonts in Design, and each one has his or her own personality. It makes font learning more interesting. It looks like the English version is coming soon this fall late September. 


A Manga Guide to Western Typeface Book Cover Book Cover

For examples,
The Font Helvetical is a typical good student. He is born in a good family, outgoing, work hard and very busy. While Arial is a little brother, he is nice and mild and he has mixed feelings toward Helvetical. Gill Sans is not very socialized nerd guy, he looks cold, but deep down he is a good person. It’s a very fun comic book to help us learn to remember these fonts.

A Manga Guide to Western Typeface Book Cover Chinese version

Inspired by this book, I decide to make my comic version 2020 to 2021 fall and winter color. I was so fascinated by Japanese fashion comics during that time in 1980s. I will make my color trend story by using artworks from my sketchbook back to that time. Enjoy!

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