10 Ways to Make Money As an Artist in Pandemic 2020

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10 Ways to Make Money As An Artist in Pandemic 2020

Good Morning! Today I would like to share 10 Ways to make money as an artist. I’ve launched this YouTube art Channel during Pandemic originally to share the behind of scene stories of my art. However recently I’ve received more requests for my advice on the business side. So I made this video hope this can help traditional artists and small business owners to grow their businesses. They are so many info out there I hope my input will add value from my angle as a traditional (gallery) artist.


Number one is of course sellng original art

Either off-line traditional way through gallery or local events, also you may sell online through your own website (need to drive traffic) or professional websites like Saatchi Art or hand made fine art or craft art like Esty


Number two sell art prints

They are two kinds. First one ship products by yourself through your website or Esty, Ebay art. This is good if you would like more control of your products or limited prints with your own hand-signed signature for more exclusive audience and fans.

You can also sell via Print On Demand services also called POD services and they will handle the shipping. This is good to free the time for artists so they can spend more time creat art vs. on business operation. And this is "passive" or on going income.


Number three sell art goods with your design

See your own art goods like T-shirts, posters, mugs, bags and more through POD services. They are many platforms, but mainly two kinds. One already have a market place (existing traffic) like Saachi Art, Esty, Redbubble and FineArtAmierca. The pro is obvious the crowd, the existing trafic.  The con is how to stand out. The second kind is POD platforms without market place, so artists need to promote their own site, good to use for organic trafic with existing fan group. The pro is less cost more profit for artists. These type site include popular ones like Printiful, Printfy, Teesprint and more. 


Number four art classes

You may have traditional way run classes Off-line in a studio, classroom but with pandemic it is a bit challenging now. But there are solutions. You can run your own online classes via zoom or SkillShare with traffic paid by watching time or via platforms like Teachable for more established artists or people business knowledge to sell classes with students via each section with set retail price


Number Five  Sell your own art books

Through Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing program both paper copy or e-book

Or website like Blurb for e-books


Number six Art Licensing

Earn royalty from you art by licensing to establish big retailers. Good thing it is on going (residual income) although normally takes time to find the right ones who fit your art


Number Seven  Patron

Patreon.com is a membership website allow your fans to support you monthly and in return you may provide more exclusive products and services


Number Eight YouTube

YouTube is 2nd largest searching site, a traffic generation tool and it will generate ongoing income. The monetize requirement for 2020 is 1000 subscribers and 4000 watching hours.

It might take a while however it is a good free public platform to broadcast your information.


Number Nine Social Media

Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Linkedin, Tiktoc the more the merrier as they are free marketing. However for visual artists Instagram, Facebook and youtube might be good to start.


Number E-mail!

Last but the most powerful one is E-mail list!

Newsletter via e-mail to grow and maintain your fans is the a great way to keep longterm relationships with people who support you.


Bonus: Twitch

Twitch is a live streaming platform that allows fans to watch and support them via membership or one time contribution


So here is my Ten plus one methods for artists, creative people and traditional business owners to grow their business in 2020. You may focus on 1-3 to start based on your strength and your target audience background. 


Now I will give you another two tips based on my personal experiences.


Tip Number one

If you want to grow your art career as a business you need to spend more than half time beyond artists to learn and build a business. Yes! This might be one of the biggest obstacles for traditional artists to overcome.  As it is a process so please enjoy it, good or bad, that’s part of the experience. But with our knowledge grew it will become clear! So no need to worry much but put into action.


Tip number two

When building business ideally to pick tools programs which can bring both one time and on-going income stream to build a healthy balanced model which brings long term value to your audience fans with your own brand style.


Hope you enjoy today's content and I want you to grow with me together! I truly believe each artist everyone's natural talent is a gift, and with technology and more tools, it has no limit and many potentials to any direction you want to achieve. If you are reading my article I believe in you. Please don't let anything prevent you from reaching your dream. Please stay creative for yourself and the rest of the world.

Thank you! Best wishes for 2020. Stay tuned! 

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